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Be an Advocate.

Share our story and help us bring awareness to the issues of hunger and homelessness present in our community.

Be an Organizer.

Help us organize/host collection drives for food, furniture, kitchen essentials, or move in kits.

Be a Volunteer.

Serve in your community. Work in our community garden. Serve on a board or committee. Work in our facility.

Be Generous.

Your financial contributions and support are the life blood of our programs. We are 100% reliant on donations and your support provides food for a family, heat and/or water, support services, and a home.

93% of every dollar given supports our programs!

Mission: We provide Emergency Resources and Navigation Services to working families living in Extreme Poverty to rebuild Housing Stability.

Vision: Through strategic partnerships and a culture of collaboration we will provide a broad based range of support services and financial resources with the end goal of ending hunger and homelessness in our community.

Values: Hope, Dignity, Compassion, Excellence, and Diversity are values we live daily in our service to the nearly 35,000 individuals we serve each and every year.


The documentary film 'Out of Frame' touches on the perception of poverty that is in America today.

Today, most people often still believe that poverty means being only homeless in large inner cities or small poverty stricken areas. This film is based in the Midwest in Omaha, Nebraska and shows that the stereotypes of poverty from yesteryears are no longer the case at all. Now the current look of poverty is often hard to spot or intentionally unseen..

We look to show how to recognize a range of common issues that many American families are currently facing and how to recognize the issues we look past and ways for us to make and impact or make real and permanent change.